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Dentures in Phoenix, AZ are an efficient and effective way for area patients to enhance their smile by replacing missing teeth. There are several types of dentures available to patients in Phoenix, Arizona today, and knowing the best type for your specific situation is simple when you visit Dental Implant Dentist. By assessing the current state of your teeth, our denture experts will prescribe the best course of action in the Phoenix area.

For some patients in Phoenix, removable partial dentures may be the best course of action. Used to replace a single tooth or a small group of teeth, these dentures can be removed when necessary. For those patients that also need to replace a small group of teeth, but require a more stable alternative, consider partial fixed dentures. More commonly known as a bridge or a crown, these dentures replace a single tooth or group of teeth for long-term, fixed results. Many patients choose fixed dentures over removable dentures because they provide stable support with a dental prosthetic that looks, feels and functions like naturally growing teeth.

If you need to replace a full arch or a full set of teeth, Dental Implant Solutions in Phoenix, AZ will most likely suggest full dentures. Full dentures are available as either removable or fixed—oftentimes Phoenix patients will benefit from removable dentures as they have seriously damaged teeth and require immediate assistance with chewing. Fixed dentures require procedure and healing time, but give patients the stable support that removable dentures lack.

Full removable dentures can be a viable option for some Phoenix patients, but others may find that because these dentures are removable, they are ultimately uncomfortable and unstable. In order to remain effective, removable dentures often require continued in-office adjustments for maximum results.

Dental Implant Dentist denture expert can explain all of the benefits of each type of denture to you during your denture consultation. While can enhance your appearance and increase your self-confidence, they can also help patients to chew with ease and speak more clearly. Interested in learning more about dentures and other dental procedures available in Phoenix, AZ? Contact Dental Implant Dentist in Phoenix, Arizona today.

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